Building Digital Athletes.


You are reading The Hillspeed Protocol, a discussion about high-performance coaching in business - drawing inspiration from the demanding worlds of tech startups and professional sports.

Coach Leighroy, Founder and MD, Hillspeed Group.

Think like a digital athlete

Our approach to CEO development in startups is very different to the traditional early stage growth narrative.

Performance is our game and our environment is designed specifically to help teams focus on the fundamentals and own each stage of growth - the same way build elite athletes up in sport.

Leadership performance in a startup can be dramatically unlocked by improving the way a team moves from a frame of thinking (about growth) into execution of work (against that frame). Speed and efficiency is then defined by the degree to which team stays in alignment on the process and language for performance.

This led us to create the Hillspeed Protocol, a leadership management environment designed to help digital athletes own the game of growth in business.

The Hillspeed Protocol

Frame Your Thinking
To help business leaders frame their thinking we developed The Company Model Strategy - a foundational structure that positions a growth through the lens of performance.

Focus Your Execution 
Coaching founders to perform in market with hyper efficient execution required we develop a new coaching system - Level 10 is our growth system that helps leaders build hyper efficient focus.

Realign Your Objectives 
New data changes or validates the story a leader will have about growth - so we developed a new type of CEO scorecard called Report North to give startups objective clarity over their position for growth.

Own The Game

Hillspeed is process of equipping startup leaders with the foundations to perform so they can build growth companies with more control and operate with less chaos.

The on ramp into our Hillspeed high performance coaching is our Company Model Accelerator, which is premium training environment open to all passionate ecosystem builders and founders globally. You can learn more here.

Hillspeed Partnerships

At Hillspeed Group our primary goal is to act as a facilitator and partner to the global startup ecosystem. We want to partner with more VCs globally to help implement high performance growth principles into existing founder communities and help strengthen the reporting relationship between leaders and their core advisory group.

Welcome to The Hillspeed Protocol.