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You are reading The Hillspeed Protocol, our company newsletter about our brand of high performance coaching in startups.

Coach Leighroy, Founder and MD, Hillspeed Group.

Think Like A Digital Athlete

Our approach to founder performance differs to the traditional startup narrative. We focus on the process of what it takes to build foundational strength as a company and performance sustainability as a leader.

We are trying to find new ways to achieve speed as a company by looking at

The Hillspeed Protocol

Since 2018 we've been perfecting The Company Model Strategy and developing a coaching protocol to reproduce consistent results with founders.

The Hillspeed Protocol is built on 3 performance pillars.

Performance Alignment: we believe performance is a language not a result so we designed a CEO scorecard that creates unshakeable clarity and focus on the process of growth.

Strategy Optimisation: we invented The Company Model Strategy to help founders understand and see their design assumptions so they can efficiently synthesise advice from mentors and advisors around them.

Execution Focus: our goal is to develop founder intuition and CEO clarity around what drives company performance so teams have objective focus at each stage of growth.

Flagship Products

The Hillspeed CEO Accelerator is a new pathway for tech founders who want to invest in world class coaching and support to move towards their vision more efficiently.

The program and environment is accountable to one thing, and one thing only - improving sustainable company performance in market!

Hillspeed athletes get a 10-100x return on their investment because of our unique combination of training, coaching and advisory is built around the CEO.

Our base program starts at $2950 USD and you can apply to learn more here.

Hillspeed Partnerships are where we work with existing founder communities through VCs and other organisations to integrate our performance systems and teach our Company Model Strategy.

Welcome to The Hillspeed Protocol, if you haven’t yet we recommend you take our Free mini course on The Company Model Strategy.